I'll not include background concerning Planet X.
Let's just say there are folks who believe in it and those who don't.
I am one of those who don't and present this analysis to refute
those who would persuade others through mis-representation of the facts.

Above is a close up copy of predicted locations for Planet X from Nancy Leider's web site.
We'll use this as a control image for the following images.

Above is a close up of the master file of five images taken by Steve Havas on Jan. 10th, 2003.
The supposed location of Planet X for the 13th is marked


Above is a close up of the same area with reference magnitudes for three stars.
The five images presented by Havas were aligned & combined using MaxDL
software. Calibration was performed with the calibration frames offered by
Havas. The noted final images do not achieve the same depth of field as the control
image viewed above. Field stars can be discerned at the detection level of the camera
used and no where does there appear any object of the sort as claimed by Nancy's followers.
Nancy and Dell now claim that asteroid 2001 KS14 is actually one of PX's "swirling moons".

Nancy now claiming that asteroid 2001 KS14 is actually one of PX's "swirling moons"
and was not at the coordinates provided from the MPC MPCORB data. The above
trail shows the position of 2001 KS14 starting from Jan. 8th and ending on Jan. 28th.

Image generated by Guide 8.0 at www.projectpluto.com

The above screen capture shows the three reference stars noted on the third image of
this page. Asteroid 2001 KS14 is tracking on the right as noted by the blue line and
is also circled on the negative image above. Clearly, Nancy does NOT know her astronomy.

Image generated by Guide 8.0 at www.projectpluto.com

By popular demand I've posted a negative of the master image for those
who prefer to look at the negative image. You'll notice in both the standard
image and the negative a nice homogenous background.
This is the way images are supposed to be processed and
even the diffraction spikes are visible on the brighter stars.